Subsidy for your R & D collaboration project? Read more in our whitepaper!

With the MIT Research & Development cooperation project tool, SME entrepreneurs are encouraged to collaborate and innovate.

The subsidy amounts up to €350,000 per R & D collaboration project!

The R & D cooperation project tool focuses on partnerships between at least two SME entrepreneurs. The innovative project they set up must connect with one or more of the nine Top Sectors of the Netherlands.

Applications for the R & D collaborative project grant are placed on a ranking during the assessment
– only the very best applications will receive the subsidy!

When writing the subsidy application, there are a number of important points of interest, such as:
What are the conditions of the partnership? Does the project connect to the Top Sectors? And is the project innovative enough?

The MK – The Subsidy Community specialists have experience in writing successful applications for R & D collaborative projects. For one of our customers we even wrote an application that ended up being ranked 1!

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