Female entrepreneurs whose power is extraordinary

Since International Women’s Day has recently passed, we thought we’d bring you an article listing the most powerful/successful female entrepreneurs as an inspiration. Being a female entrepreneur these days brings a lot of new opportunities along that were unthinkable before. Never before was it so easy to start your own business and create an own website without knowing how to code. Never before was it so competitive in industries including Beauty and Health. How has the Western world developed to this point? The first important thing to realize is that getting a college degree has become far more accessible. According to ICEF Monitor, in the 1990s, female students have started to overtake male students as the most dominant gender in higher education. But most importantly, women have never given up in standing up against unfair treatment at schools, work, or at home. This is how women have started to become their own bosses and how the whole ‘female entrepreneur’ phenomenon has arose.

Oprah Winfrey

Everybody knows Oprah! She is said to be one of the most-liked female entrepreneurs of all time. She is a media executive, talk-show host, actress and one of the greatest philanthropists in America’s history. Not to forget, she was one of the first multi-billionaires in North America. Next to being a host on her show, she is also the CEO and Chairwoman of Oprah Winfrey Network and of Harpo Productions. Was her life always ‘perfect’ though? As a child, Oprah was physically abused by her family members and a family friend. This resulted in her running away from home and giving birth to a child who died shortly after he was born. Later on, her life has turned around though. She got a full scholarship to college and has won a beauty contest where she was discovered by a radio station, which is perhaps a reason for choosing her career in media. The lesson? Work hard until you get there. Achieve your dreams through applying for subsidies with us!

Cher Wang

The name probably doesn’t ring a bell, however, everybody knows about the HTC Corporation! Cher is the Founder of this incredible billion-dollar tech company which creates innovative smartphones. Next to founding HTC Corp., she is also the Chairwoman of the integrated chipset maker VIA Technologies. No wonder that she’s considered one of the most successful and powerful women in technology! Just like Oprah, Cher is a big philanthropist, who set up a charitable college in China so that low-income families could provide their children with education. Shortly, to be a successful entrepreneur, you should do good where it’s needed. So apply for a subsidy here and start your philanthropic journey!

Arianna Huffington

Arianna is the Co-Founder of the famous news website HuffPost (previously The Huffington Post). Not only has she founded this news website; she’s also been an editor-in-chief and right now she’s launching a series of books. In 2016, she stepped down from her position at HuffPost to devote her focus to a new startup, Thrive Global. Shortly, she’s now fully occupied with writing about improving people’s well-being and with developing a health and wellness startup. In short, living a life of one of the most powerful women in the world can get stressful and that’s why she’s now dedicated to focus on her health and well-being. You should do so too, entrepreneur!

Sophia Amoruso

Yet another inspirational woman, Sophia, is only 34 and already very influential. Her motto is to never give up while doing business, to never take things personally and to never accept a “no” as an answer. She first founded Nasty Gal; a store selling vintage clothing on eBay. Her store was known as the “fastest growing retailer” in 2012. Right now, Sophia is dedicated to building Girlboss Media; a site advising women on beauty, wellness, careers, and more. This of course is a very attractive business for millennial women all around the world. Targeting such a large audience well is perhaps the reason why she’s so successful. With our subsidies and Sophia’s inability to accept failure as an option, you’ll be the next entrepreneur making headlines!

Denise Coates

Denise is another incredible woman. This is because she is the owner of a well-known betting site Bet365. Right now, this business is one of the world’s largest online gambling sites. What’s interesting to know is that her success story probably wouldn’t have turned out this way if she hadn’t gotten a loan from the Royal Bank of Scotland. This has given her a grand head start, compared to other entrepreneurs. Even though loans are an acceptable way to get funded, one must not forget that subsidies are even better, because they come at no risk and at no equity. So apply for one or more subsidies through our website now and become the next Denise!

After reading this, it should be more than clear that female entrepreneurs aren’t the sort of phenomenons that they were 50 years ago. Nowadays, women have increasingly equal chances in setting up a business that grows to be the next HTC or HuffPost. They either follow their heart and get funding to get there, they inherit the money, or they don’t take “no” as an answer. If you’re a (female) entrepreneur building a dream, MK – The Subsidy Community would be delighted to help you in any way possible. We’ve already helped Maja Rudinac’s Robot Care Systems get funded, so hurry up to be the next female entrepreneur getting a subsidy. Reach out to us now, go-getter!