DHI – the subsidy scheme for entrepreneurs with international ambitions!

Do you want to carry out a project abroad or invest in a company? Or do you want to convince potential customers of your technology? Then this subsidy scheme for demonstration projects, feasibility studies and investment preparation studies (DHI) is interesting for your company!

On August 9 2018 this year’s second tender will open for the DHI subsidy, which will close on 21 September 2018. There is a budget of €4,5 miljoen! Before we can submit your application for the DHI subsidy, a quickscan must be submitted, which determines whether your project fits within the scheme. So find out now if this arrangement is interesting for you, so you can still use this subsidy scheme! We are happy to help you.

DHI is a subsidy for Dutch SMEs with international projects. The subsidy is therefore available for every country in the world, except sanctioned countries. The DHI subsidy scheme applies to different types of export projects: feasibility, demonstration and investments.

But how can you ensure that you receive this subsidy? The specialists at MK – The Subsidy Community are happy to assist you with this. We have already collected the most important do’s en dont’s from our consultants who have written successful DHI applications before.

Demonstration projects

If you would like to demonstrate some technology, process or service in the target country to show that it is effective and profitable at that location, you can use the demonstration projects section. Demonstrations are aimed at demonstrating that the technique works under local conditions and that there must be a clear demonstration character. This means that the project goes beyond showing a machine at a trade fair, for example. The subsidy amounts to 50% of the eligible costs with a maximum of €200.000.

Do’s en don’ts:
  • Clearly identify the agreements with the owner of the demonstration locations where the project will be carried out;
  • Do not make the demonstration project bigger than necessary, otherwise there is a chance that (parts of) the project will not be awarded.

Feasibility studies

If you want to export your product abroad and convince the potential buyer to invest in your product, then a feasibility study is interesting. On the basis of the feasibility study you provide a business plan so that the potential buyer can make an investment decision. Up to 50% of the costs of the study are eligible, with a maximum of €100.000.

Do’s en don’ts:
  • Provide a concrete letter of intent from a potential customer before you start. Many requests do not make it this far;
  • Make sure that market research has already been done. This falls outside the scope of the regulation.

Investment preparation studies

Do you want to invest in a target country yourself, for example by setting up a facility or taking over a business? Then the investment preparation study is interesting. Not only do you look at the export to be realized, you also strengthen the position of the Dutch parent company abroad. The study focuses on clarifying the most important details to realize a business plan for the proposed investment. Up to 50% of the costs of the study are eligible, with a maximum of €100.000.

Do’s en don’ts:
  • Working together with a local entity is not a requirement. If you do, document it well in agreements to prevent problems;
  • For investments in neighboring countries, you must clearly argue that the context is fundamentally different than in the Netherlands and that a study is necessary.

Do you want to know more?

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