Career development at MK – The Subsidy Community

When you work as a subsidy consultant at MK – The Subsidy Community, you are offered many opportunities to develop professionally. You can think of in-company training, professional coaching and opportunities for job broadening. MK also offers the possibility to do a career assessment at the experienced assessment agency Deen: a unique opportunity to increase your self-understanding! Jan-Willem van Asperen, subsidy consultant in Rotterdam, recently received a career assessment. In this blog post you can read an interview with him about his experience.

What is a career assessment actually?

‘I did a career assessment at Deen Rotterdam. The assessment is an extensive analysis of your personality, qualities and competencies. ‘

What was the reason for doing this assessment?

‘I have been doing this job for four years and the goal of the assessment was to see where I could develop further within this company. After working as a subsidy consultant for four years, I want to know where I can develop myself further.

In addition, I also found it interesting, both for further development at MK and for the continuation of my career. Through the assessment I wanted to find out what my strengths and weaknesses are and what I find interesting. My goal of the assessment was also to come up with new interests and characteristics that are not obvious. Actually discovering hidden talents and abilities! ‘

What kind of tests and analysis did you do?

‘First of all, I had an intake interview with a psychologist. Then I did an IQ test, a motivation analysis, a personality test and an interest test. I also received a capacity test and a competency test; they were also compared with each other. Finally, I did a role-play in which I had to have a conversation with a customer.

What did you like most about??

‘I really liked the interest test and capacity test, because you can then see whether it really matches reality.’

Can you name an interesting outcome?

‘It came to light that I am interested in quality and processes and that therefore monitoring quality and controlling processes are activities that suit me.

What I would like to do is to optimize processes in which I take the interests of the parties and take care of them. This could be Salesforce processes or administrative processes, for example, but also processes around customer contact. Then I want to make sure that the process is easier for consultants, and on the other hand that it is better controlled. ‘

And now?

‘I will now discuss with management what could the steps be that I can take within the organization based on the outcome. There are many possibilities for that! ‘

Would you recommend the career assessment to others?

‘I would recommend a development assessment or career assessment to anyone looking for job expansion or enrichment within the organization, for example. And besides, it’s just fun to do and experience it too! ‘

We wish Jan-Willem every success in his professional development as a consultant.

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