Subsidy Consultancy

M&K - The Subsidy Community works for organizations that innovate, grow and create impact. We specialize in innovation support, financing and subsidy management.

About us

MK – The Subsidy Community specializes in subsidies for technology companies on the themes of Innovation, Sustainability, International Business and Staff grants.

Our team consists of technical and business consultants. Through our years of experience, we have knowledge of the latest technological developments and insight into the policy plans of the subsidy providers.

Our Approach

1. Business Analysis
A business analysis consists of interviews with key persons and analyzing your business plan, Research & Development (R&D) roadmap and investment plans. Based on this analysis we offer you insights into the financing possibilities. The analysis consists of both desk research and testing your projects with the financiers.
2. Financing Options Report
The report provides insight into the possibilities in which you receive sound advice and insight into the complexity and administrative conditions. Based on this document, we will work with you to decide which subsidies and funding opportunities can be applied for.
3. Applications
In order to get maximum profit from subsidies, it is necessary to present your plans in the right way. On the basis of the available information, we will start with the preparation of the financing applications. We also provide our network of specialists for additional services such as patents, crowdfunding and lenders.
4. Subsidy Management
The drawn up plans serve as the basis for the financing applications. We will manage this entire process for you and take care of both the preparation of the applications and the communication with the various subsidy providers and financiers. In addition, we will proactively guide you in setting up the administrative organization. Maas & Kleiberg has various tools for this, such as a customer portal and mobile application.


Our organization was founded by Willem Maas and Bastiaan Kleiberg in 2009. They both have subsidy advice experience, combined with a technical and business background. MK – The Subsidy Community started in Rotterdam and now has four locations in the Netherlands: Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Nijmegen and Rotterdam. Both national coverage and regional solidarity is a force that we can use well with this. We now have subsidy specialists in various countries who can support you with subsidy applications.


MK- The Subsidy Community is your partner in innovation and financing. We have entered into cooperation agreements with various partners in order to be of good service to you. Think of Investment funds, Lenders, Crowdfunding, Patent agents and Innovation specialists. We do everything to make your organization grow and arrange the financing for you!


For an impression of our Grant Community you can view photos of our events and milestones here.

Our team

Bastiaan Kleiberg

CEO / Partner
Willem Maas - CCO - Maas en Kleiberg

Willem Maas

CCO / Partner
Marcel van den Hudding - CFO - Maas en Kleiberg

Marcel van den Hudding

CFO / Partner

Lukas Roeling

Business Developer

Esmay van der Giesen

Marketing Stagiair

Laurens Steenhoven

Jan Willem van Asperen - Consultant - Maas en Kleiberg

Jan-Willem van Asperen


Alfred Holman


Rik van der Laan


Jasper van Oers


Peter Visser


Rob Janssens

Jochebed Kastaneer


Jean-Pierre Houtkoop


Twan Bierens


Mui-Ling Wang


Jaco van Daalen


Peter Akkerman

IT Consultant

Hans Verlaak


Sanna Hogervorst


Niek Schipper

Business Developer

Markéta Svobodová

Content Developer & Partnerships

Flip Pino


Tamara Koeman


Kees Wilms van Kersbergen


Raymond Schuwer


Michiel Dumont


Marieke Dumont-Baan


Bart Wijffels


Riemer Bovet

Consultant HR

Gerald Christopher Rebelo

Business Developer

Yelda Ozturk

Intern PMO

Liney Alejandra Vivas Dinaz

International Project Officer

Ymke Canter Cremers

Medewerker Finance

Marcel Willemsen


Kenneth Besamusca


Robert Dijkstra


Thomas van Ginneken


Ivana Licheva

Intern Internationalization Project Officer

Argyle Lopez

Intern UX Designer

Niels Verwoert

ICT Developer

Sharon de Man

Social Media

Stijn Slaghek

Business Developer

Channah Stark

Grafisch Designer

Ranjan Prajapati

ICT Configurer

Our clients